Plan of action

Mums has spent Easter restfully watching Deadliest Catch and taking cat naps. Thayne flew back to Denver this morning and dad actually went to see a movie!

So, here's the plan of action for the next few days:

  • Dad will likely begin his drive home tomorrow, but that may change. He'll plan his week around mom's condition. Thayne and I plan to switch out roles for the week, so he'll fly back to Minneapolis tomorrow night while I fly back to Denver in the late evening. Thayne will be with her all week.
  • Mom has surgery scheduled on Wednesday -- an ERCP, which will hopefully be successful and not lead to pancreatitis. She may spend one night in the hospital, at the very least.
  • Thayne and mums will fly back to Denver together on Friday.
  • Mom will stay with her brother and his wife in Denver while she is fattened up and gets as healthy as possible. She must be near a hospital at all times and requires weekly blood tests until April 27.
  • Mom must be back in Rochester by Monday, April 27, for a new round of testing to determine if she is a candidate for resection or transplant surgery. Currently, she is not a candidate for either surgeries b/c of her present health.
That's it for now! Stay posted and checking back for regular updates on mom's condition. We're switching to a downtown Rochester location tomorrow and she'll be a block away from the Clinic. Take care everyone!


  1. glad to see that there's some good news; Thank You God!!!! hope every bite of wonderful comfort food adds strength so that you can soon go on to the next level....I too have 25#'s I sure wish I could give you...if only it was that easy, huh???? Praying for you Paulette, as well as you Greg, Thayne and Taryn as you travel this're all in our thoughts!! Hope this week goes well for you...Ray and Cindy Burton.....

  2. Stay strong paulette .. Cant wait for more fun football games next year, and those cookies .. im prayin for ya from manhattan!

    Love you!


  3. Just got on the blog today and am caught up. Hang in there Pualette and eat some good food in Denver. I watched Deadliest Catch all day Saturday, easy to get hooked. So glad you're a lot closer to such amazing doctors than those guys on the boats. Greg Thayne Taryn Paulette you are all such great folks, great things will happen. - <3

  4. How can you possibly RELAX - and watch "Deadly Catch" at the same time? That show makes me duck - & - tuck... I know I'm going to fall off that damn boat- just watching it makes me seasick! That alone must prove how tough you are.... You laugh in the FACE of DANGER! I barf over the rail! I hope Thayne will keep up the blog notes... we will all keep Praying! Love ya - The Coxes

  5. Hello Fort's! Tayran - what a gift you are to your mom at this time - keeping us all posted on her health. My mom has shared the website with me & I wanted Paulette to know how much I have always admired her & I know she is in good hands. I will continue to pray for your family daily. Thanks again for your wonderful writing. Your mom is so lucky to have such a great support system. God's blessings - Kim Brom

  6. Oops, I spelled your name wrong. Sorry! I need spell check...Sorry! KB

  7. Good Monday morning!!! A great way to start the week with good news. Greg, have a safe journey back to Ulysses and if you are in need of an overnight rest along the way please call Kenny and I here in Topeka, we'd love to have you stay to get some much needed rest before you take to the road again. Paulette, I know Jerry and Susie will make sure they get the good starches into you and have your brother make you some dumplings!!! Taryn, you take care and get some rest also and be assured that Thayne is not going to let anything slip by him . We will keep checking for the updates and GOd keep all of you safe in your journeys.

  8. HiPaulette,
    What a journey for all of you my god be with you all each and every day. I wish god could take pounds off my body and give to you Paulette. Keep drinking those milk shakes and getting stronger. Greg have a safe trip home I pray for you all each day for things to get better and better. Taryn your a wonderful daughter thanks for keeping us updated and being there with your mom and dad. Paulette rest well your in my thought daily and I hope for you to be home soon. Bless You Peg Gillen

  9. Good Morning, Paulette. I am thinking about you today and praying that you are gaining strength and weight, that Greg will have a safe trip back to Kansas, and thanking God for Thane and Taryn and their working out their schedules to support you both. It is a relay race, passing the baton back and forth to be available to you. Today will be another good day, Paulette. Blessings, Joyce

  10. Paulette- Back East we're all keeping track of your progress. So proud of your fighting spirit. Knowing that you'll end up as a champ.

    love from us all
    Huzbo's Da

  11. Don't know if it means anything but just on the news there is what they call a "cancer breakthrough" developed at Stanford that tells from a drop of blood whether there are cancer cells, where, how advanced and monitors treatment without an invasive biopsy..they monitor proteins.
    In time, this should become a part of regular checkups.
    Is it possible the Dr.'s at Mayo's either know about this or can use this technology at Stanford?
    Hard to believe in breakthrough's anymore but hope reigns eternal.

    Old Momma

  12. Hi, Taryn! Good to see your latest news! Please tell your ma hello from the Hess family. She is in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    Stay strong, Fort fam! God will help for you to endure and succeed. Stay safe this week on your travels, and HANG IN THERE!
    Amber Perez Hess

  13. Hi Paulette, Greg, Taryn and Thayne,

    Hope it was a restful day, regaining strength. Taryn thanks for the "plan"... when Jerry and I think we hear different things it is nice to go back to your posting and get ourselves on the same page.

    We send our love and prayers. Susie & Jerry

  14. Good Morning, Paulette. A new day with new progress towards your plan for good health. Are you getting tired of milk shakes? Eat up, get some serious lbs. going, don't be shy, open wide and nibble away on tasty treats. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers, Paulette. God has His strong arms around all of the Forts. Caring about you, Joyce


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