On the plane

Mums and Thayne should be flying out soon. As of now, no delays despite a snowstorm here in Denver.

UPDATE: Landed in Denver at 11:20 AM!


  1. This is great news. I know you will all rest easier when you are all back together.

    Sending all of my healing power toward your mom today.

  2. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Seems a lot of your news has been positive lately. God is in control and he loves you all!
    I know that you'll be enjoying each other's company and remember that there are many of us praying and sending healing thoughts your way.

    Carolyn Moody

  3. You all enjoy your time together and have some hot chocolate and watch it snow!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you each and every day.
    Beaty, Sherry, Brynden and Tate

  4. Hello Paulette,
    Stay warm and comfy as you watch the snow in Denver! Our prayers and thoughts are with you, and my each and every day be a forward progress for you.
    Jeff, Linda, Gwen, Jason & Chad Trimble
    (Oklahoma City and Denver)

  5. Paulette, so glad you made it to Denver. Get some much needed rest. Love to you and all your family.

    Kathy McGillivray

  6. Heya Crazy Lady!

    I have been reading Taryn's blog almost everyday...what a talent for words! Just wanted to let you know the whole Deyoe clan has been Care Bear staring your way everyday. Let the snow bunnies wait on you hand and foot, and eat eat eat!!! I hear you stay on your diet better if you have a buddy...so I am eating with you here in KS!

    Wishing you warm and fuzzies!
    Your pal,
    Lori Deyoe

  7. Hi Paulette,

    Glad your in Denver and safe w/family. Throughout my day I think of you as one thing or another happens have a fatting weekend and rest and God Bless you lady. love peg

  8. Glad you are closer to home. It is actually wet here, it is kind of amazing. The power in prayer is with all of you. Take Care, we miss you at USD 214. Work on building up your strength and we will see you soon. We are sending prayers, and hugs your way everyday.XOXO Terri T

  9. God bless & rest well :) Hooray for
    the comfort of family & being cozy
    in the snow! Love & blessings, Dana

  10. Good Morning, Paulette. Hey, keep your snow boots handy in Denver. Snow (as measured in feet rather than inches!) in April ... all righty then! Sounds as though you got to Denver just in time before the snow accumulated any more. Enjoy the beautiful white landscape from your warm spot inside. Great news that the Mayo work went well and that you are where you need to be, enjoying family in the Mile-High City ... right on target for becoming healthier day by day. How fun to watch the runners and your umbrella twirling action. Yes, now you are running your own personal marathon ... and listen closely for all of us cheering and clapping you on to the finish line. Hurray, keep going, you can do it, Paulette. Praying for you, Joyce

  11. Your beantown fans, " behind you all the way".
    Keep on truckin!!

    hubso's family


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