Mums is having another ERCP today

I really hope it goes well. I'm sure you all do, too! 

I talked to mummy last night. She sounded good and had rested most of the day. She and paps had a late lunch because she had to fast for today's procedure. Tomorrow, she'll meet with the transplant team to discuss that rather frightening option. Then, on Friday, she'll meet with oncology -- finally -- to discuss chemo and any other options. 


P.S. Mums really, really hearts all of your daily posts, so 
keep 'em coming. They help her through each day. 


  1. GIRLFRIEND -- you never do anything the simple - easy way! For Paulette - it's always an ADVENTURE! This wild ride will be full of Twist & Turns -- Trembling & Terror...and you know how I these kinds of rides! You know how many people are "LIFTING up UP" but it comes down to you and Greg in that roller coaster seat! Lean on him and HOLD ON! We LOVE YOU!

  2. Hello Paulette and Family,
    Know you are in many, many folks' prayers and thoughts. We talk about you each and every day and continue asking God for his strength to you and to your healthcare team(s). Each day is a new day full of promise and healing. Keep your head high and keep getting better.
    Only God can determine what the next step will be so keep asking.
    We love you and hold you close at heart!

  3. Paulette.
    All of us back here on the east coast are still rooting for you. Theirs an expression " the sky always seems darkest before the dawn " and in your case we feel this is true. We"ll keep on praying and sending you positive vibrations.

    keep on trucking
    the doyle crew

  4. Hi Paulette, Thinking of you this very minute and hoping for you a whole lot of good.


  5. Feel the love coming your way and the force of prayer is giving off strength. Stay positive and know that we are all behind you and Greg pushing and pulling!! God bless and know that we are continually praying for that next bit of positive news.

  6. Paulette,
    You have been in our daily prayers and appreciate Taryns udates on the blog. Keep your 'Fort' spirit!
    Love, Shane & Juliann

  7. Hi Paulette and Family,

    I read the blog daily and want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers.....also the thoughts and prayers of people you don't even know!

    I am in a caregiver support group (Taryn, Greg--you guys are welcome to join anytime!) with and one woman said your blog is on her desktop---she checks it more than once a day. (Her husband has the same kind of rare cancer and Taryn's information is so easy-to-read and helpful, she is so grateful for this blog.)

    We love you guys; we know this is a tough road; we know you are strong enough to walk it together. And you know you aren't alone! :) Love, Cousin Lisa

  8. Paulette--
    I'm in Denver playing with my boys. Spent the morning at the park playing with cars and racing them down the slipper slide!

    I sure have been thinking of you. If lifting up is where it's at--I know there are lots of us with our hands held high!

    I'm so glad you are at Mayo--of all the places I had my folks, I had the most faith in Mayo--they are so good at working together as a whole clinic instead of each for himself.

    Love you lots--Janet K

  9. Paulette and Greg,
    I hope that the ERCP went well today and that they were able to get the drain to working again. I know that these two things are very important. Please know that the entire crew is thinking of you and praying for you both and the rest of the family. We had a company lunch today thanks to Kevin (shipped the cattle today) and had several ask what the latest was. We hope that the transplant team delivers good news tomorrow. Good Luck! We will be anxiously awaiting for that good news. Hope your are getting well rested!
    Aimee and the Gang

    PS. Greg,hope your hand really is healing and you weren't telling me a tale!

  10. Dear Paulette and Family...Hi from all the Burtons!! please know that we're all praying for you and sending warm hugs and wishes your way!! praying that the transplant and/or oncology teams can give you a battle plan this week, so that you can start "Taking Back the Fort!!!!" Will gets back from China Friday..he ate what he thought was beef, but found out it was donkey!!! needless to say it's rice and veggies the rest of his trip!!! tornados south of Garden tonight...moving away's definitely spring in KS!! take care of each other the Pak O'Burtons are all thinking of you and all the Forts!!

  11. Dear Paulette, Greg, and all:
    Just a note to let you know we're praying non-stop for the rainbow in these clouds. We hope the ERCP procedure went well, and you are resting to get ready for your discussions tomorrow. Have peace in the knowledge that Jesus is steering the motorcycle. Just hang on, and God's healing grace and the protection of prayers from your MANY friends and family will do the rest. Love, The Dowlings

  12. Dear Paulette & Greg -
    Just to let you know Eldon and I are thinking about both of you. I keep up with this blog several times a day. I hope your appointments go well the next few days. It will be good for you to have a plan of action. We're all pulling for you, Paulette. Remember we love you - Linda

  13. Dear Paulette and Greg,
    If love is what makes this world go around it is certainly spinning faster with all of the love being sent your way! Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers several times a day and we're hoping as you meet with the transplant team tomorrow you will feel their ability and know that you are in a great place for the next step in your healing. God bless you and yours! Love you lots, Sandy


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