Longest day EVER

Really, it was.

We were in appointments from 8 AM until 7 PM tonight. Then we had to go get antibiotic drugs at the pharmacy!

I say that last statement with love because mums must be feeling ungodly pain with a tube going through her liver. Drugs also keep her free of infection. We are happy to make these items a part of daily life.

Mom had surgery again and got a brand new catheter to drain the bile (unbelievable thanks to Katrina for helping with the maintenance of the first one! You rock!). Her doctor and nurses were awesome. So awesome that one of them stayed solely to reassure her through the entire 2.5 hour procedure.

However, the new drain is temporary as they'll put a stent in either tomorrow or Monday. They successfully brushed for cells to have pathology confirm the cancer. We met with a surgeon and mums' other regular doc (both whom we are beyond pleased with). Have some work ahead of us to figure out realistic treatment options.

Thayne arrived from Minneapolis late in the day and was fortunate enough to be in on the surgeon meeting. It's so good to have him here.

Keep your thoughts a'coming. Boy, mums is tired as can be (we had to wheelchair her around this afternoon b/c her skinny yellow legs were wiped out). She continues to chug ahead and charm everyone in her path. She's super duper excited to read everyone's thoughts and we couldn't feel more loved by this amazing outpouring of support from everyone.

One final thought: Don't forget my daddy in the middle of this. He's got a yucky cold and putting up his best fight, but this -- this true mess -- is really hard for him. Anyone that knows my parents' banter know how deeply upsetting this is. We must rally around he and my mother, because they are a team.

P.S. Thanks especially for the Easter photos of Cole (first being a stoic Easter bunny doggy and then eating the Easter bunny). Mom and dad were cracking up with pride. I'm including here...

Photos: Pam Annis


  1. Hey, Taryn! I was thinking about you guys tonight. Hope you, mom, dad and everyone else are all feeling a little bit better and are able to get some rest. I'm so glad you're happy with the staff there, I could imagine that makes a world of difference. Hope mom feels a bit more rejuvenated tomorrow and tell your pops to hang in there and to Zicam that cold away...don't you have like an ongoing supply of that stuff? :o)


  2. Hi neighbor, I'm so glad they are taking such good care of you. Sounds like your in the right place. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

    Don't worry Greg. The wind still blows here without you. Dorthy flew by today looking for you. I sent her your way.

    Taryn your the best. Thank you so much for the updates.

    The rest of the fam says hi.
    We miss you, From your neighbor across the street.

  3. The only thing worse than a MAN being the Patient.... is for a MAN to stand by and be PATIENT with the Doctors....when They aren't helping the ones they LOVE! Tonight our special prayers are for Greg!

  4. Hey Forts Pagers...Just wanted to let you guys know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers here in Tulsa.

    Miss you all!

  5. Good Friday Morning to all of you!!! The rain is coming down very gently and is helping to revive the dry ground. Tell Greg the best thing for his cold would be a large beer or margarita!!! The alcohol would burn the germs right out!! Please know we are all here to support you in any way we can and that we are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers and the doctors and staff there also. Sounds like you have a very special group of professionals taking good care of our special patient and family. Taryn once again thank you for all you are doing to keep those of us back here posted on the progress and processes. You, Thayne and your dad also need to take care of yourselves because your work and support is also critical in your moms recovery. God speed the recovery.

  6. Good Morning, Paulette, Greg, and Taryn. Long days, short nights? Sounds as though Mayo has the corner on the definition of thorough, eh? That's good because all of the tests, procedures, consultations, think tank sessions where the physicians put their heads together to sort out the facts ... that all adds up to figuring out what road to put you on to restore your health. I am praying for you all, asking God to give you strength and hope as He continues to hold you close and carry you through each day, each hour even, especially when you're heart weary and feeling as though your body is running on fumes. Today is Good Friday, and I believe that it will be a personal good Friday for you, Paulette. "I have a plan for you, says the Lord, a plan for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Praying for you, Joyce

  7. When Jerry heard about your.... "Skinny Yellow Legs".... He said - "Send her some Knee socks!" His memory has you wearing them with everything-- and next to NOTHING!!! Dashing to the Bathroom in your Knee Socks! Maybe you won't be DASHING for a while... but this is a time to lean on the LOVE of Friends and family for all you... "KNEEEEED"!!! Hugs - the Coxes

  8. Hey Pauletty!
    You taking good care of my little chick-a-dees up there??
    Doesn't Cole look majestic! I haven't seen him smile in awhile so it's time to chuck that mysterious, other world of medical wonders..we miss the home-cookin' and goodies and Cole hasn't had an ice-cream cone in a long time...we'll go easy on the side-pokes!
    The love-vibes are stronger than the winds in Kansas...hurry home!

    Old Momma

  9. Good Morning Paulette, Greg, Taryn and Thayne,

    Wondering what today will bring... seems that knowing something/anything is better than not knowing. We pray for strength, peace, and comfort. Nothing can happen today that the Lord's grace cannot withstand. Go to that place where you can feel His gentle, loving, healing arms around you.

    Jerry says "Thinking of you, hoping for the best, can't wait to see you!" He is vacuuming the doggie den... I asked if we were getting company... We are planning a quiet Easter unless Jerry changes his mind and asks me to hide eggs for him and the doggies.

    Sending love and hugs and prayers, Susie & Jerry

  10. Paulette, How great having all of the family together! Know it's tough. So glad you are getting such great care. Sounds like you are getting closer to the start of treatment, instead of just not knowing. We look forward to firing up the fajita disk when you return. We continue to think our best thoughts for you all, and wish we could in some way take some of your pain. Cole is so photogenic... Colt was jealous when he saw the picture!
    Down the alley neighbors, Scott and Jean

  11. Nothing new... posted this morning... so I'll just think that you're all resting from the tread-mill week you have just experienced. Caleb is coming home from Omaha - where he works at Boys-town as a Mentor and social worker. He hasn't been home since Christmas... so Clint plans on making him work cattle if the sun shines. I hope there is a RAY of SUN-SHINE in your Life Today! We Love You and Lift you up! The Coxes


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