Little things count

Isn't it funny how events, chance meetings, plane flights, relocations, career choices, fast food drive-thru's, online dating sites, church congregations, neighbors, or brief phone calls -- amongst many other scenarios -- can bring someone or something into your life that changes it forever?

That's how life is, I suppose. Somedays, I feel like we're put into our positions to become experts enough to help someone else. All of my mother's friends, colleagues and local U-town folk are kinda all doing that for our family right now. It's very grounding to experience the support and genuine love that you all have for my mums.

Yesterday I was walking to work and received a phone call from Sherry Annis (Sherry, BTW, totally rocks!) who has taken the lead on setting up a medical fund account at Golden Plains Credit Union on behalf of mom and to assist with her recovery. For hours and locations of all Golden Plains offices in Southwest Kansas, visit this link. Sherry advised me that donations can be made on behalf of anyone who wishes to contribute. Otherwise, should you choose to send a donation via regular mail, following is the address:

Paulette Fort Medical Fund
C/O Golden Plains Credit Union
PO Box 868
Ulysses, KS 67880

Sherry is also spear-heading a silent auction to be held at Golden Plains in Ulysses from April 27th - May 8th. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to my mother's account, so please take a lunch hour and pop over to partake in the auction.

On behalf of mum herself, thank you all. 


  1. Good morning to all of you!!! What a great posting and the movie was wonderful!!!Love the cheerleading outfit Paulette!!! You are now on the road to recovery and may God speed that recovery. Keep sipping those milkshakes and malts and every once in awhile throw in a hot fudge sundae. May everyone be getting the much needed rest as you continue your time away from your homes, friends, family and work. God bless and keep the postings coming!!!

  2. Good Morning pretty lady hope your resting well and ready for the trip tomorrow.Today at four oclock I was up thinking of you and the time we went to an action and bought all that crap I still have all that crap. Remember we wanted those sleds and Graber bought them all we were bummed.I wish you all the milk shakes in the world and every fatting thing you can get your hands on.For today rest and I continue to pray for you hang in there Paulette things are going to get better. Love and prayers Peg

  3. Good morning Paulette, Thayne (Greg and Taryn, too)

    Hope you rested well last night with a successful surgery behind you. Today I'm sending you a craving for Jerry's Favorite Pork Chops. Yes, I still have the recipe card you wrote for a wedding shower back in 1975!

    God loves you! Rest up today. He will take care of you.

    Love and Hugs, Susie and Jerry

  4. OOOH! LA! LA! Paulette, I hope you still have that classy umbrella...we are having sprinkles here..a cloudy day and I'm fixing a roast for Big Daddy with a few tidbits for Cole I'm gonna cook it all day with potstoes and carrots (no beans)and hope those two will eat up and that you and Thayne are doing the same.
    I had a glimpse of Greg and his sidekick and Cole is either venting or in need of a hearing-aid.
    The silent treatment pretty much until he heard the magic word "ice cream"...I hope it's magic for you too with double-dips of whole cream!
    It will be good to get you closer to home so have a good flight tomorrow and enjoy Jerry's Favorite Pork Chops.

  5. Paulette,
    I feel guilty for not posting sooner, but I have been following your progress through this blog daily. You have been in my thoughts and prayers, and I know that you are obviously in good hands. It seems like things are going much better, and I wish you a very complete and speedy recovery. Please know that there are MANY more people keeping up with you than are posting.
    Rick Cue


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