Guest Blog Post: From Susie, Master Caregiver

We’ve been blessed with improvements each day this week. Paulette’s appetite is very good! She ate a whole galusky Wednesday night and two pieces of pizza last night. Yesterday began with a big breakfast of French toast with sand plum syrup and fruit. While I went to the bank, she heated noodle soup and some pizza. We ate leftovers, salad and Chantilly potato casserole tonight. The scale shows another... pound gain. YEA! Taryn, Matt, Thayne and Jenny have been here often in the evenings. Lots of laughter in the house is a good thing.

The birds chirping woke her early yesterday morning. It was beautiful out, nearly 80 degrees. Late morning, Paulette sat on the patio swing for a while and soaked up some sun. She is also gaining strength and walking more. An amazing feat for 7 days. But would we expect anything else from such an amazing woman?

If today is anything like the past two days, we may have to push a cart to the mailbox. The pics (editor note: one pic shows a teeny little Paulette arm, much less yellow!)show Wednesday’s mail --two packages and lots of cards. One box was full of colorfully decorated flower-shaped cookies. How kind you are to keep the mailbox full and to fill her heart with warmth and love. God Bless you all.


  1. (Let me count the ways..........)
    1. a 3 lb. weight gain in less than 10 days.

    2. yellow on the run.

    3. heavenly food and Paulette in her element (warming up the soup),

    4. goodies and cards by mail.

    5. heartfelt blog posts.

    6. hugs and prayers abound....a garden needing a hug.

    7. remembrances of Tiger football and K-State tail-gaiting...gotta be there.

    8. thoughfullness of a Medical Fund and an Auction.

    9. Family, friends, remembrances of so many adventures and fun times.

    10.A marvelous Blog that keeps us all in the loop and allows us to cheer the journey to victory!

    (that TLC works!)

    Wouldn't work without a lot of wonderful people and Thanks Susie for a great 10 days on the mend!


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