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Hi everyone,

Well, we escaped the snowstorm. We made it to Denver and settled into my brother and sister-in-law's home yesterday after a long day of travel. Thayne did a great job of preparing my dressings for travel and getting assistance throughout the entire trip. (I mean, I had the primo seat, right next to the shuttle driver all the way from Rochester to Minneapolis, so I experienced the least amount of bumps.) I had wheelchair assistance at both airports. They let me wait on the departure side for easier pick-up once we finally got to Denver. That resulted in a much easier pathway into Thayne's car.

And, I finally ate a big, full meal. Really, it was a Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Susie. It was delicious -- shouldn't take long to gain pounds back if this continues! Taryn spent the night with me. She went down for coffee this morning and remarked how the kitchen smelled like "Grandma Esther's". Lots of good food coming up in the next week.

It's raining and still snowy here today, but should be in the 70s by mid-week. Looking forward to that. I have a great bedroom all to myself with lots of window light and the fattest Robin's outside to give me a glimpse of spring. There are fresh daffodils in my room. Even though the daffodils outside are drooping right now from the snow, they'll be standing up soon enough.

Greg is at home taking care of business and giving Cole some love from me. I talk to him several times a day and hope he's taking his vitamins and keeping himself healthy (tsk, tsk).

I'm grateful to my children because although I know they are both talented in their own ways, I never knew their capabilities for caregiving. I guess they didn't watch my mom take care of my dad all those years and take away nothing. Taryn says I'm less yellow since she saw me last on Monday -- this is very good. I hope it means that all these tubes and wires are working.

On a final note, words cannot express my thankfulness for all the concern and support shown. It's been humbling to say the least... it's overwhelming at times. Please continue your encouraging thoughts and prayers. I know it's silly, but it seems like each one opens another door of hope for me. We'd had a lot of bad news these past few weeks, but there have also been small little events throughout that help us onto the next step, almost like we're being guided in the right direction. I don't take it for granted that we flew into Denver with little time to spare before yesterday's snowstorm that closed roads and slowed everything down. These little things -- along with all of your comments on this blog, the cards, the phone calls, the flowers and fruit, the donations and creative ways to continue raising money on my behalf... -- they keep me going through each day. And they help me stay positive. They help me stay focused on getting better and returning home so I can go back to my daily life, cooking and baking, enjoying my friends and neighbors, sleeping in bed with our big black dog.

We'll return to Mayo on the 27th. I hope for a definitive diagnosis and plan of action.

Paulette (aka, Old Yeller)


  1. Hi P.and fam,
    It's so good to hear from you. Sounds like your in good hand at your home away from home. I'm keeping a watch on Greg and visiting with him daily. Cole and him seem to be doing well. My prayers were answered yesterday when I got a text from Greg that you had made to Denver. I miss you and think about you all the time. I'm also waiting for you to be home and healthy so we can have our pizza and beer together. It's been awhile since we shared a little glass together so you know when you get home one might make us tipsy. :) You are worth the wait!!

    Tell all your fam hello and to keep up the good work. God bless you all and I'm praying for you.
    Love you, Mary Kay

  2. Paulette,

    I'm so glad that you made it to Denver safely and you're settling in. Sounds like you're in for some good old pampering this coming week, so awesome to have your wonderful family to help with the day to day care. Times like these make us appreciate all the little things that are really the big things.
    We'll all be here praying and cheering you on, your only job is to fatten up (a hard one!) and concentrate on getting stronger!
    Stay positive and meditate on all the good things!


  3. Hi Paulette,
    A little levity can be a good thing...I call it "sunshine where the sun don't shine" and your peg-name made me laugh.
    I think if Cole had been yellow instead of black that would be his name.
    Your daffodils also took me back almost 30 years to a time when Tom and Joy roamed the corridors of Colorado Medical Center and Tom's English tam intrigued a remarkable man and so we came into the special care of Dr. Robert Gerner and Cliff also had to regain strength before Liz and Wendell Cheek flew us home with Liz dressing up as an airline hostess.
    So Tom and Joy dubbing Cliff "Precious" fixed up his special room and Joy filled a breakfast tray with delicious food, a name card with "Precious" on it and a vase with a fresh flower every meal.
    One day Tom went upstairs and said "This favoritism has got to stop" and he crushed Cliff's little flower and we all laughed so hard at a time with nothing to laugh about.
    I have tried to think of something to make you laugh as you gain strength and the tube is just depressing and I can't think of a good current book to read...maybe some "Three Stooges" movies..."I Love Lucy"..."The Carol Burnette Show"...I guess we have to go back to the "oldies" to laugh any more.
    I did go on Google to read O Henry's "The Ransome of Little Chief" again.
    I love the irony of kidnappers paying the parents to take their son back.
    Laughter is a good healer, "Old Yeller"!

  4. Paulette - I am so glad to hear you made it to Denver safe & sound. I pray for you daily and I am so thankful you have such a wonderful support system to lean on. You are an amazing woman! God Bless you.

  5. Good Morning, Paulette. Snow in Colorado in April ... hmmm, it won't last long, will it? Your letter made me cry -- your daughter comes by her writing talent genetically. I am praying for you; each day is a day closer to your good health. Your Colorado vacation is strategic to getting stronger as you eat all that tasty food and spend time with family.

    I agree about laughter being medicinal. Today's Joke: It was mealtime during a flight to Chicago [oops, must be an old joke book, no food now on flights!]. "Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked the passenger. "What are my choices?" he asked. "Yes or no," she replied.

    Keep on keepin' on, Paulette. One day at a time. God's words of assurance for you, Paulette: "When you pass through the waters of circumstances, I will be with you." (Isaiah 43:2) God loves you, and I care about you and your family. All of the many kindnesses you have done over the years, Paulette, are coming back to you now.

    Enjoy today as you watch the Colorado sunshine melt away the snowbanks.

    Caring about you,

  6. Paulette-I beg to differ with the moniker -old yella - I think "mellow yellow" is more fitting.
    seriously keep up the good work

    hubso's Da


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