Can I have that with a test on the side?

I mean, we might as well be eating that way. Tests, tests, tests. More tests tomorrow. More on Friday. We don't know if it's cancer for sure, although it's likely. We don't know if it's spread to the lymph nodes. They don't think it's in the pancreas, but aren't sure. We're not sure if it's resectionable, but it might be. Liver transplant? Maybe. Transplant preceded by chemo and radiation? Yes, possibly.

These fishy rumors are still flopping around on the same cutting board we left Kansas with. We don't have any answers yet.

Lots and lots of remaining questions and little mysteries to be solved.

The good thing is that today is over.

Mayo is amazing. Truly. It's a wonderful facility -- different than those I've been in before. There is something very reassuring about the organizational feng shui of our daily itineraries, and how we go to a chest x-ray at 10 am and get not only randomly receive a new itinerary but a revised one that keeps us on track for tomorrow. The revisions are not due to a doctor not showing up either... they're fitting in more tests, which will only lead to a better deduction at the end of the day.

Mom will not just have a doctor here. They are assembling an entire team of doctors, each with his/her own speciality. It's looking to be truly cancer, but at least the thoughts of weathering that and what I expect to be truly brutal treatment, are less intimidating where it feels like people actually know what they're doing.

Again, as always, stay tuned... we're thinking we'll have more answers by Friday.


  1. Good Morning Paulette, Greg and Taryn,

    Yeh, all the testing gets wearisome, but we are very thankful for MRI technology and TEAMS of doctors! Also, good to hear that this is all outpatient for now. God has His healing hands on you, Paulette. Especially, this week, we know how much He loves all of us! We pray for your continued strength and recovery.

    Sending lots of love your way, Susie & Jerry

    PS God does great things with smelly fish.

  2. Thanks for the updates...
    I'm praying for you guys!

    Very grateful to hear that
    the facility is so evolved,
    and mom's in good hands :)

    Blessings to your lovely

    Much love,

  3. Good morning!! Kenny and I want to wish Easter blessings for all of you. We are thinking of you and have you in our thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate all the updates and know that you are in the most capable hands at Mayo. God speed your recovery.


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